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  • Membership to the scheme is voluntary to all Sacco members only. 
  •  Entry is by registration/ filling a form 
  • Withdrawal can happen at any time and member forfeits benefits and premiums paid thereof  
  •  Re - admission to the scheme will be free 
  •  Annual premiums shall be Kes.3,100, Kes.6,100 ,Kes.9,200 or kes 15,300 either by check off system, M-Pesa, Bank Transfer or by Cash. 
  •  Sacco will pay premiums for members who don’t have cash and allow 6 months interest FREE instalments i.e. Kes.517, Kes.1017 & Kes.1,533 respectively for the 3 categories.



  Forward claim notification and/or claim forms from the principal member physically or sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

  If the notification is via email, it is printed and circulated for claim by receiving Sacco officer

  Ensure all the relevant documents required for membership application were provided and premium paid. Otherwise attach them to claim documentation.

  Submit claim supporting documents. The following MUST be attached;

  • Executed Benefit Claim Form.
  • Certified copy of Original Burial permit.
  • Claimant’s Identification Document (ID) and/or Deceased’s Surrender of ID letter.
  • Copy of Police Abstract for Accidental Deaths.

  Acknowledgement of receipt of all documents and processing of claim within 48 hours following time of receipt of the full documentation. 

  The Cheque shall be drawn in principal’s favor.


  Member to give notice of death to the Sacco through email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

  Provide a Burial Permit or Funeral gathering permit 

  For children - Birth certificates

  For those above 18 - copy of deceased ID & Members ID copy 

  Waiting period: : (This is the period between joining and making the first claim)

  • Natural death:

i) Member spouse and children - 1 month

ii) Nuclear family: 2 months

  • Accident: No waiting period

  Premiums are paid and renewed annually through cash or installment free payments

  Any member who moves from lower tier of premium to a higher tier must top up contributions. 

  If a member wishes to withdraw from the scheme and stops contributing, all the contributions made earlier will be forfeited. 

  In case of claim the member must fill in a claim form.

Maximum entry age of a principal member and spouse is 70

Maximum entry age for parents and parents in law is 84 years


  •  For payment of premium: Pay Bill 911200, under account no: put your ID number followed by word SOS eg. 123456SOS. Mpesa charges apply
  • For repayment of Shoulder of Solace loan, Pay Bill 911200. Under account number, put your ID number followed by word SOL.  Mpesa charges apply

Shoulder of Solace Registration 

FAQs Shoulder of Solace 

Wekeza Scheme is a withdrawable deposit account where depositors can place short term deposits for specified periods of time usually between three to twelve months. The account targets members with large sums of money that they have put aside for investment and they are fairly certain of the period that they can commit the funds.
i) Minimum amount: - Ksh.50,000
ii) Interest: As per approved tariff guide
iii) Can be used to guarantee Sacco loans at 100% of wekeza value
iv) Period for fixing as below:

Duration of Investment

Hurdle Rate (p.a)

1 Month


3 Months


6 Months


12 Months


More than 12 Months



Wekeza Account Opening

This account is allows any member to plan for their holiday at any time by saving and getting and getting a loan that is pocket friendly. We shall partner with travel companies to ensure our members get best rates and experiences with a variety of wild and untamed destinations.


  • Flexible savings options through standing orders, Paybill and RTGS
  • Kes.1,000 minimum account balance.
  • Withdrawals before 6 months will not attract interest
  • Competitive Interest rates
  • No fees for closing the account


  • Member can open an account for children; the account will be in the name of the child/children but operated by the member.
  • Opening and minimum operating balance Kshs: 500
  • Minimum monthly contribution amount Kshs. 500, can be effected via check off or direct deposits to our account. Lump sums can also be made. (Upon activation of the new system members will be able to make deposits via mobile banking )
  • Interest rate is 7% p.a
  • Piggy Banks available
  • Open to withdrawal.
  • Little angels forum held annually

Members Deposits provides a solution for members seeking to save securely and earn dividends at premium rates. Members deposits also enable members access our affordable credit products by using their deposits as guarantees.


  • One has to register as a Kimisitu member.
  • Minimum monthly share contribution is Kshs 3,000

Our Mission

To empower members economically by providing quality financial services through prudent mobilization of resources and excellent customer care.